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Pressure Machine Deluxe Vinyl

The Killers

Vinyl slipcase to house 3 single LPs
180G vinyl x 3
20 page booklet


Side A
1. West Hills
2. Quiet Town
3. Terrible Thing

Side B
1. Cody
2. Sleepwalker
3. Runaway Horses feat. Phoebe Bridgers

LP 2
Side A
1. In The Car Outside
2. In Another Life
3. Desperate Things

Side B
1. Pressure Machine
2. The Getting By

Side A
1. "The Getting By II"
2. "The Getting By III"
3. "The Getting By IV"
4. "The Getting By V"

Side B
1. "Runaway Horses II"
2. "West Hills II"
3. "West Hills III"

Limited to 4 per customer.